Journal of Fluid Mechanics

On the excitation of edge waves on beaches

A. A.  Minzoni a1 and G. B.  Whitham a1
a1 Applied Mathematics, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

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The excitation of standing edge waves of frequency ½ω by a normally incident wave train of frequency ω has been discussed previously (Guza & Davis 1974; Guza & Inman 1975; Guza & Bowen 1976) on the basis of shallow-water theory. Here the problem is formulated in the full water-wave theory without making the shallow-water approximation and solved for beach angles β = π/2N, where N is an integer. The work confirms the shallow-water results in the limit N [dbl greater-than sign] 1, shows the effect of larger beach angles and allows a more complete discussion of some aspects of the problem.

(Published Online April 11 2006)
(Received July 26 1976)