Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Prandtl–Batchelor flow past a flat plate with a forward-facing flap

P. G.  Saffman a1 and S.  Tanveer a1
a1 Applied Mathematics, California Institute of Technology

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Two-dimensional steady inviscid flow past an inclined flat plate with a forward-facing flap attached to the rear edge is considered for the case when a vortex sheet separates from the leading edge of the flat plate and reattaches at the leading edge of the flap, with uniform vorticity distributed between the vortex sheet and the body. Solutions are found for a particular geometry and a range of values of the vorticity. The method used to calculate the flow is an extension of a free-streamline method widely used in cases where the velocity is a constant on the separating streamline.

(Published Online April 20 2006)
(Received August 8 1983)
(Revised February 13 1984)

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