The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Notes on Lucan 101

Nigel Holmesa1

a1 York

Describing Caesar's feast in Alexandria, Lucan comments on the folly of the Egyptians in displaying their riches to him, an armed guest already waging civil war, when even the more virtuous and austere Roman generals of antiquity - Fabricius, Curius and Cincinnatus - would be tempted to take such wealth in triumph for their country.


1 These notes derive from the work for my D.Phil thesis, ‘A Commentary on the Tenth Book of Lucan’ they owe much to the guidance and advice of my supervisors for these sections, Prof.R. G. M. Nisbet and Dr D. P. Fowler. I owe a double debt to Dr G. O. Hutchinson for his warnings and suggestions as an examiner of my thesis and for his comments on this article. Quotations given at the head of each note are from Housman's text.