Journal of Fluid Mechanics

The mechanics of an organized wave in turbulent shear flow. Part 3. Theoretical models and comparisons with experiments

W. C.  Reynolds a1 and A. K. M. F.  Hussain a1p1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

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The dynamical equations governing small amplitude wave disturbances in turbulent shear flows are derived. These equations require additional equations or assumptions about the wave-induced fluctuations in the turbulence Reynolds stresses before a closed system can be obtained. Some simple closure models are proposed, and the results of calculations using these models are presented. When the predictions are compared with our data for channel flow, we find it essential that these oscillations in the Reynolds stresses be included in the model. A simple eddy-viscosity representation serves surprisingly well in this respect.

(Published Online March 29 2006)
(Received October 18 1971)

p1 Present address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, Houston, Texas.