Journal of Fluid Mechanics

On high-frequency oscillatory viscous flows

Chang-Yi  Wang a1
a1 Department of Applied Mathematics, California Institute of Technology 1 Pasadena, California 91109

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The equations governing high-frequency oscillatory viscous flows are investigated through the separation of the steady and the unsteady parts. All Reynolds number ranges are studied and the orders of magnitude of the steady streaming produced by the Reynolds stresses are established.

The oscillating circular cylinder at low Reynolds numbers is studied through the method of inner and outer expansions. Steady recirculating cells exist near the cylinder. The results compare very well with experiments. Analytic expressions for the streamfunction and the drag coefficient are obtained.

The oscillating flow towards an infinite plate is investigated in detail. The steady streaming is caused by the steady component of the Reynolds stress. The pressure gradient always causes reverse flow near the solid boundary.

(Published Online March 28 2006)
(Received May 3 1967)
(Revised October 6 1967)


1 Now at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91103.