The Classical Review

Short Reviews

Sister Marie Antoinette Martin, The Use of Indirect Discourse in the Works of St. Ambrose. Pp. xviii + 165.

Sister Mary Bridget O'Brien, Titles of Address in Christian Latin Epistolography to 543 A.D. Pp. xvi + 173.

Sister Mary Daniel Madden, The Pagan Divinities and their Worship as Depicted in the Works of St. Augustine exclusive of the City of God. Pp. x + 135.

Sister Margaret Gertrude Murphy, St. Basil and Monasticism. Pp. xx + 112.

George William Patrick Hoey, The Use of the Optative Mood in the Works of St. Gregory of Nyssa. Pp. xviii + 127.

A. Soutera1

a1 University of Aberdeen.