The Classical Review


School Books

F. Kinchin Smith and T. W. Melluish: Catullus, Selections from the Poems. Pp. 126; 4 illustrations. (The Roman World Series.) London: Allen & Unwin 1942. Cloth, 2s. 9d.

E. C. Kennedy: Martial and Pliny. Pp. xiv+144; illustrations. Cambridge: University Press, 1942. Boards, 3s. 6d.

R. Arrowsmith: Latin Verse through the Ages. Pp. vi+56. London and Glasgow: Blackie, 1943. Cloth, 2s.

E. C. Marchant and G. Watson: New Latin Course (Part 2). Pp. viii+174; illustrations. London: Bell, 1942. Cloth, 4s.

D. S. Colmana1

a1 The Schools, Shrewsbury.