Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Experiments on the flow past a circular cylinder at low Reynolds numbers

D. J.  Tritton a1
a1 Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge

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Part I describes measurements of the drag on circular cylinders, made by observing the bending of quartz fibres, in a stream with the Reynolds number range 0·5-100. Comparisons are made with other experimental values (which cover only the upper part of this range) and with the various theoretical calculations.

Part II advances experimental evidence for there being a transition in the mode of the vortex street in the wake of a cylinder at a Reynolds number around 90. Investigations of the nature of this transition and the differences between the flows on either side of it are described. The interpretation that the change is between a vortex street originating in the wake and one originating in the immediate vicinity of the cylinder is suggested.

(Published Online March 28 2006)
(Received February 25 1959)