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Brief Notices

Xenophon. Hellenica I, II. Edited with Introduction and Notes by G. M. Edwards. Pp. xlviii., 168. Cambridge University Press. 1899. Price 3s. 6d. Suetonius. History of Twelve Caesars.

The Works of Horake rendered into English Prose. With Life, Introduction, and Notes by William Coutts, M.A., Senior Classical Master, George Watson's College, Edinburgh; formerly Assistant Professor of Humanity in the University of Aberdeen. Pp. xxxi., 240. Longmans. 1898. Price 5s. nett.

Schanz. Geschichte der römisehen Litteratur. I. Theil. Die römische Litteratur in der Zeit der Republik (2nd ed.). Beck, M¨nchen. 1898. Pp. xviii., 421. Mk. 7·50.

Latin Manuscripts. An Elementary Introduction to the use of Critical Editions for High School and College Classes. By Harold W. Johnston, Ph.D., Professor of Latin in the University of Indiana, Chicago. Scott, Foreman & Company. 1897. Pp. 135, with Plates and Illustrations. Price $3.

Carmina Anglica Latine reddidit Leo Josia Richardson, Sancti Francisci apud Carolum A. Murdoch. 1899. (Unpaged: 7 versions).

Greek Prose Phrase-book based on Thucydides, Xenophon, Demosthenes, Plato. By H. W. Auden, M.A., Assistant Master at Fettes College. Blackwoods, Edinburgh. 1899. Pp. ix., 112 (interleaved with writing paper). Price 1s. 6d.

Forum Latinum. A First Latin Book. By Edwakd Veenon Aenold, Litt.D. Edward Arnold. 1899. Pp. viii., 312. Price 3s.

Separat abdrifcke aus den Jahrbüchern für kassische PhUologie. By E. Drbrup, W. Otto, Joh. Schwab, and E. Dibhl. Teubner, 1898–1899.

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