Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies


Prabodhānanda, Hita Harivaxs1E43śa and the Rādhārasasudhānidhi

J. K. Brzezinskia1

a1 School of Oriental and African Studies, London

In an earlier article (‘Prabodhānanda Sarasvatī: from Benares to Braj’, BSOAS, LV, 1, 1992) an attempt was made to establish an authoritative biography of Prabodhānanda Sarasvatī, the author of a number of devotional poems and commentaries in Sanskrit. It was shown there that the sannyāsin Prabodhānanda's life can be divided into three parts: the first, about which we know little, in which he was a Śankaraite monk living in Benares; a second, in which he came under the influence of Caitanya and his devotees, and a third, in which he associated closely with Hita Harivaxs1E43śa, the founder of the Rādhāval-labhī sect in Braj.