Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Some measurements of particle velocity autocorrelation functions in a turbulent flow

W. H.  Snyder a1p1 and J. L.  Lumley a1
a1 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania

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Particle velocity autocorrelations of single spherical beads (46·5 μhollow glass, 87 μ glass, 87 μ corn pollen, and 46·5 μ copper) were measured in a grid-generated turbulence. The hollow glass beads were small and light enough to behave like fluid points; the other types had significant inertia and ‘crossing trajectories’ effects. The autocorrelations decreased much faster for heavier particles, in contradiction to previous experimental results. The integral scale for the copper beads was 1/3 of that for the hollow glass beads. The particle velocity correlations and the Eulerian spatial correlation were coincident within experimental error when the separation was non-dimensionalized by the respective integral scale. The data generated by the hollow glass beads can be used to estimate Lagrangian fluid properities. The Lagrangian time integral scale is approximated by L/u′, where L is the Eulerian integral scale and u′ is the turbulence intensity.

(Published Online March 29 2006)
(Received June 29 1970)

p1 Present Address: Division of Meteorology, Environmental Protection Agency, Raleigh, North Carolina