The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

A Cavalry Unit in the Army of Antigonus Monophthalmus: Asthippoi*

N. G. L. Hammonda1

a1 Clare College, Cambridge

As the editor of the new Budé edition of Diodorus Siculus 19 has said, R is ‘the more often correct’ of the two main manuscripts and the other, F, has a number of acceptable variants; and she reckons the division between R and F to have been ‘fairly ancient’. All other manuscripts are merely copies, more or less faithful, of R and F. For the passage which I wish to consider I quote the text as given in R:


* I owe a particular debt to G. T. Griffith for his valuable comments and criticisms of this article. Where I disagree with him, it is with hesitation; but as in our forthcoming volume ii of A History of Macedonia, we show respect for one another's views but are not tied to them. I am grateful also to A. B. Bosworth whose re-establishment of the astbetairoi in the text of Arrian has made this article possible