The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Emendations of Seneca


D. R. Shackleton Baileya1

a1 University of Michigan

10. 2. lugentem timentemque custodire solemus, ne solitudine male utatur.

Reynolds does not mention Haupt's conjecture amentemque, which is certainly on the right lines. Bereaved persons may need watching because in the violence of their grief they may do themselves an injury (cf. Ben. 2. 14. 2 ut frigidam aegris negamus et lugentibus ac sibi iratis ferrum), and the same applies to madmen (cf. Macer, Dig. 1. 18. 14 nam custodes furiosis non ad hoc solum adhibentur ne quid perniciosius ipsi in se moliantur, sed sqq.) or to anyone suspected of suicidal inclinations (cf. Sen. Contr. 3. 5 minantem sibi ipsi (sc. filiam) custodio). It does not apply to persons afraid; they may sometimes be glad of company, but do not require surveillance. My only doubt is whether amentem, seldom used of actual insanity, is the right word. Perhaps dementem or furentem, which makes a better match with the participle lugentem.