The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

A New Greek Grammarian

Sonia Argylea1

a1 Oxford

In his exposition of MS Vat. gr. 2226 (V) in 1888, Leopold Cohn brought to light two consecutive grammatical treatises, both attributed to Aelius Herodian: the Περxs22EF xs22EFμαρτημxs22EFνων λxs22EFξεων(here loc. prav.), containing seventy paragraphs, and the Φιλxs22EFταιρος (here Philet.) with 312 glosses. Both had been published in part: fifty-four paragraphs of loc. prav. by G. Hermann in 1801 from MS Mon. gr. 529 (M) and a version of fifty-nine paragraphs by J. Cramer under the title of Περxs22EF τxs22EFν ζητουμxs22EFνων κατxs22EF κλxs22EFσιν παντxs22EFς λxs22EFγου μερxs22EFν;. Glosses 1–78 of Philet. were published by J. Pierson (1759) from a copy of MS Par. gr. 2552 (P).