The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Shorter Notes

Bacchae 773–4 And Mimnermus Fr. 1

Michael R. Hallerana1

a1 University of Washington

The messenger who reports the miracles from the mountains in Euripides' Bacchae (677–774) concludes with an injunction to Pentheus that he accept this god into the city (769–74):

τóν δαíμον' οxs1F7Bν τóνδ' xs1F02στισ xs1F14στ', xs1FF6 δxs1F11σποτα,

δxs1F10χον πóλει τxs1F26δ'-xs1F70σ τxs1F70 τ' xs1F71λλ' xs1F10στíν μxs1F70γασ,

κxs1F71κεíνó φασιν αxs1F7Bτóν, xs1F11γxs1F61 κλxs1F7Bω.