The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

A Note on Iliad 9.524–99: The Story of Meleager*

S. C. R. Swaina1

a1 Wolfson College, Oxford

The story of Meleager as it is told in Greek literature clearly reflects two discrete versions, which may be termed the epic and the non-epic. The latter, as retold by Apollodorus(Bibl. 1.8.1–3), shows the folktale elements of love and the life-token (the brand which must not be rekindled). The other version, as told by Homer(Iliad 9.524-99) followed by Apollodorus (1.8.3), is an epic story where Meleager is the great hero whose μxs1FC6νις keeps him from fighting for his native Calydon against the neighbouring Curetes of Pleuron.


* I should like to acknowledge the valuable introduction to the problem of Meleager given to me by C. J. Cressey.