Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Magnetohydrodynamic flow in rectangular ducts

J. C. R.  Hunt a1
a1 Central Electricity Research Laboratories, Leatherhead 1

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The paper presents an analysis of laminar motion of a conducting liquid in a rectangular duct under a uniform transverse magnetic field. The effects of the duct having conducting walls are investigated. Exact solutions are obtained for two cases, (i) perfectly conducting walls perpendicular to the field and thin walls of arbitrary conductivity parallel to the field, and (ii) non-conducting walls parallel to the field and thin walls of arbitrary conductivity perpendicular to the field.

The boundary layers on the walls parallel to the field are studied in case (i) and it is found that at high Hartmann number (M), large positive and negative velocities of order MVc are induced, where Vc is the velocity of the core. It is suggested that contrary to previous assumptions the magnetic field may in some cases have a destabilizing effect on flow in ducts.

(Published Online March 28 2006)
(Received July 27 1964)


1 Seconded to the Department of Engineering Science, University of Warwick.