The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Some Peripatetic Birds: Treecreepers, Partridges, Woodpeckers

W. G. Arnota1

a1 University of Leeds

It is a truism to say that the study of ornithology has made great advances in the last fifty years, and that important problems affecting the classification of certain species and their distribution have been brought much closer to solution. Classical scholars, however, still tend to rely on the identifications of ancient Greek bird-names made by a few standard works such as D'Arcy Thompson's A Glossary of Greek Birds2 (1936) or O. Keller's Die antike Tierwelt (1909), apparently unaware that much of the ornithological information given there is now badly out of date, if not sheerly inaccurate. This brief paper aims protreptically to take four bird-names out of the Peripatetic corpus on natural history: S0009838800035631_inline1 S0009838800035631_inline2 and S0009838800035631_inline3 and to produce more precise identifications in the light of modern ornithological studies.