The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Some Comments on the Fasti for the Reign of Nero1

Paul A. Gallivana1

a1 University of Tasmani

It is my intention in the first section of this paper to examine the available evidence in order to determine the lengths of tenure of the ordinarii and known suffecti for the reigh of Nero. According to the latest published fasti, twentyeight ordinarii and some sixty suffecti are attested for the reign, although not all of the latter can be definitely placed in a particular year. It will prove most convenient for our investigation if, first of all the relevant evidence is set out in full.


1 I am grateful to Professor P. R. C. Weaver of the University of Tasmania for helpful discussion and valuable criticisms of the first draft of this paper. The following abbreviations have been used throughout:

A.F.A. = Acta Fratrum Arvalium quae supersunt, ed. Henzen.

Degrassi = A. Degrassi, I fasti consolari dell'impero romano.

De Laet = S. J. De Laet, De Samenstelling van den Romeinschen Senaat.

Eck = W. Eck, Senatoren von Vespasian bis Hadrian.

Magie = D. Magie, Roman Rule in Asia Minor.

Schneider K. T. Schneider, Zusammensetzung des römischen Senates von Tiberius bis Nero.

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Thomasson = B. E. Thomasson, Die Statthalter der römicchen Provinzen Nordafrikas von Augustus bis Diocletianus.