The Classical Review


Some Translations

The Choephoroe of Aeschylus, translated into English rhyming verse by Gilbert Murray; Aeschylus: Agamemnon, Choephoroe, Ewmenides, rendered into English verse by G. M. Cookson; The Birds of Aristophanes, as arranged for performance in the original Greek at Cambridge, translated by J. T. Sheppard; The Cyclops, freely translated and adapted for performance in English from the satyric drama of Euripides by J. T. Sheppard; Thirty-two Passages from the Odyssey in English Rhymed Verse, by C. D. Locock; The Girdle of Aphrodite: The Complete Love Poems of the Palatine Anthology, translated by F. A. Wright; The Soul of the Anthology, by W. C. Lawton.

The Aeneid of Virgil, translated by Charles J. Billson; Some Poems of Catullus, translated, with an Introduction, by J. F. Symons-Jeune.

Greek and Latin Anthology thought into English Verse, by William Stebbing, M.A. Part I.: Greek Masterpieces; Part II.: Latin Masterpieces; Part III.: Greek Epigrams and Sappho.

J. Harrower