The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Spartan Relations with Persia after The King'S Peace: A Strange Story in Diodorus 15.9 1

T. T. B. Rydera1

a1 The University, Hull

Glos, who had been in command of the fleet and was married to the daughter of Tiribazus, fearful that it might be thought that he had cooperated with Tiribazus in his plan and that he would be punished by the King, resolved to safeguard his position by a new project of action. Since he was well supplied with money and soldiers and had furthermore won the commanders of the triremes to himself by acts of kindness, he resolved to revolt from the King.


1 I should like gratefully to acknowledge the advice and assistance of Mr. G. T. Grif fith in the preparation of this article; he should not be taken as necessarily agreeing with its conclusions.