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Pisistratus’ leadership in A. P. 13.4 and the establishment of the tyranny of 561/60 b.c.1

Valerij Goušchina1

a1 Perm, Russia,

It is well known from the sources that three Athenian factions were organized after Solon's reforms. Herodotus writes as follows:

In the course of time there was a feud between the Athenians of the coast under Megacles son of Alcmeon and the Athenians of the plain under Lycurgus son of Aristolaides. Pisistratus then, having an eye to the sovereign power, raised up a third faction. He collected partisans and pretended to champion the hillmen (συλλέξαՏ δ­ σταƣώταՏ ĸαì τѽ λóγω τѽν ύπεραĸρíων προστάЅ). (Her. 1.59, trans. A.D. Godley [Loeb])


1 This paper owes much to the help and comments of Professor P.J. Rhodes, to whom the author addresses his sincere thanks. Professor Rhodes is in no way responsible for any errors which remain in it.

On the chronology of Pisistratus’ tyranny see P.J Rhodes, A Commentary on the Aristotelian Athenaion Politeia (2nd edn, Oxford, 1993), pp. 191–8. [Google Scholar]