The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Shorter Notes

On the Wording of Heraclitus, Fragment 126

Roman Dilchera1

a1 St Hugh's College, Oxford

Heraclitus B 126 D.-K. (=42 Marcovich) occurs in a scholion on Tzetzes' commentary on the Iliad. According to the first edition by G. Hermann (Draconis, Stratonicensis liber de metris poeticis, loannis Tzetzae Exegesis in Homeri Iliadem, Leipzig, 1812) on which all editors of Heraclitus have based their text, it reads as follows: τ ψυχρ θρεται, θερμν ψχεται, xs3008γρνxs3009 αxs1F50ανεται, καρxs03D5αλον νοτζετxs3008αιxs3009 (p. 126, 17–19).