Journal of the International Phonetic Association


Anastasia K. Riehl a1 and Dorothy Jauncey a2
a1 Department of Linguistics, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
a2 Australian National Dictionary Centre, Australian National University, Canberra

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Tamambo is an Oceanic language spoken on the western half of the island of Malo in northern Vanuatu. There are at least 3000 speakers of the language, most of them living on Malo, with several hundred residing on the neighboring island of Santo and in the country's capital, Port Vila. Many speakers are also fluent in Bislama (an English-lexifier creole spoken in Vanuatu), one of three official languages. A dialect of Tamambo spoken on the eastern half of the island is now almost extinct, the main phonetic differences from the western dialect being the lack of prenasalized stops and labialized consonants, and the short articulation of vowels. Previous phonetic work on Tamambo is limited to a descriptive grammar of the language (Jauncey 1997).

(Published Online December 5 2005)