The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Notes on Plutarch's De Genio Socratis

D. A. Russella1

a1 St. John's College, Oxford

(1) 583 b = p. 478. 26 Sieveking (Plutarchi Moralia, iii, Leipzig, 1929) S0009838800007904_inline1 S0009838800007904_inline2

S0009838800007904_inline3is objectionable. Since Lysis is already dead, S0009838800007904_inline4 cannot here signify ‘beforehand’. Its only other appropriate significance would seem to be ‘publicly, openly’: but S0009838800007904_inline5 also enters into the compound, and can only bear the sense ‘secretly’, which would involve us in a contradiction. S0009838800007904_inline6 so far as I know, does not occur elsewhere: S0009838800007904_inline7 nearly always has the sense ‘give some indication of…’.