The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

The Readings of the Leiden Manuscript of Tacitus1

F. R. D. Goodyeara1

a1 Queens' College, Cambridge

Readings from a manuscript which once belonged to Rodolphus Agricola and later to Theodore Ryck were well known to and lightly esteemed by the editors of Tacitus from the late seventeenth to mid nineteenth centuries. Ryck cited over 1,200 of them in his edition of 1687. Later the whereabouts of the manuscript remained long unknown, until it was rediscovered by C. W. Mendell as Leidensis BPL 16. B in the University Library at Leiden.


1 I am much indebted to Prof. C. O. Brink for advice, criticism, and encourage- ment. Mr. J. A. Crook and Mr. H. StJ. Hart read the final draft of this article and kindly suggested various improvements.