The Classical Quarterly

Research Article

An Attempt to Date the Composition of Aeneid Vii.1

Gertrude Hirsta1

a1 Columbia University

The following note s have been made during a long-continued study of Aeneid vii. (and viii.), with a constantly growing conviction of the priority of these books in point of composition. They deal with internal evidence and literary correspondences only. Examination of the metre has not produced any very definite results, so when I note d in one of the most recent articles on Vergilian metre z the statement that ‘a comparison and analysis of the separate books of the Aeneid does not give any results worthy of note ’ (with an exception that has not much bearing on this investigation), it seemed that these note s might appear without further waiting, though their argument is almost entirely subjective.


1 Read at the meeting of the American Philological Association, at Haverford College, on Wednesday, December 30, 1914.