The Classical Quarterly (New series)

Research Article

Herodas 4

I. C. Cunninghama1

a1 National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

The fourth S0009838800003414_inline1 of Herodas is entitled in the papyrus S0009838800003414_inline2 S0009838800003414_inline3—a title which very well describes the beginning and end of the poem, but disregards the middle, the most important part. The poem divides naturally into sections as follows: (i)1–20a;(2) (i)20b–38, (ii) 39–563, (iii) 56b–78; (3) 79–95.

In (1) we hear one of the women of the title carrying out the offering to the god. This section has been examined in detail by R. Wünsch, ‘Ein Dankopfer an Asklepios’, Arch. Rel. Wiss. vii (1904), 95 ff., who shows that it corresponds closely to the form of prayer used in real life, starting with the invocatio of the god, comprising greeting (S0009838800003414_inline4) and mention of his dwelling-places (Trikka, Kos, Epidauros), family (parents, Koronis and Apollo;