The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

An Identification in Suidas

A. F. Normana1

a1 University College, Hull

This passage was attributed to Menander Protector by Bernhardy, who, influenced apparently by Men. Prot. fr. 43 (F.H.G. iv. 245), suggested that here the name S0009838800003116_inline1 disguised the S0009838800003116_inline2 of Menander. This explanation, besides interfering with the text without due cause, ignores altogether the name S0009838800003116_inline3.

In fact, the incident occurs a century earlier, in the period A.D. 467–70. Anagastes is then found in Roman service in Thrace during the reign of Leo (cf. Priscus, frs. 38–39, F.H.G. iv. 108–9). Moreover, the name of Anagastes is linked with an easily recognized variant of S0009838800003116_inline4 in Jo. Ant., fr. 205 (F.H.G. iv. 616): S0009838800003116_inline5 S0009838800003116_inline6