Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Suspensions of prolate spheroids in Stokes flow. Part 3. Hydrodynamic transport properties of crystalline dispersions

Ivan L.  Claeys a1p1 and John F.  Brady a1
a1 Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA

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The short-time limit of the hydrodynamic transport properties is calculated for crystalline dispersions of parallel prolate spheroids using a moment expansion technique similar in concept to the simulation method known as Stokesian dynamics. The concentration dependence of the sedimentation rate, the hindered diffusivity and the Theological behaviour of face-centred lattices are examined for concentrations up to regular close packing (74% by volume). The influence of the detailed microstructure of the dispersion is also investigated by considering different arrangements of parallel ellipsoids. Useful reference configurations are proposed as standard geometries for regular arrays of prolate spheroids.

(Published Online April 26 2006)
(Received August 14 1991)
(Revised October 18 1992)

p1 Present address: Solvay Research & Technology, rue de Ransbeek 310, 1120 Brussels, Belgium.