Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (Third Series)

Research Article

The India Board (1784–1858)

William Foster

The Right Honourable Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India—generally known as the India Board, or the Board of Control—had an existence of practically three-quarters of a century, namely, from the last year of the Governor-Generalship of Warren Hastings to the assumption in 1858 by the Crown of the direct administration of India. That this long period was filled with important events in the history of both England and India no one will need to be reminded; and a study of the part played by the Board would be of great interest. Obviously, however, the subject is far too big to be dealt with in the time available this afternoon; so I have thought it best to limit myself to what may be termed the domestic side of the Board's history—its constitution, its methods of working, its personnel, the various buildings it occupied, and so forth; using for this purpose chiefly the Board's own records, now preserved among the archives of its successor, the present India Office.

(Revised November 16 1916)