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A general dynamic model for a large-scale 2-DOF planar parallel manipulator

Khaled R.  Atia a1 and M.P.  Cartmell a1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland G12 8QQ (UK)


In this work a new concept of designing two degree of freedom (2-DOF) planar parallel manipulators (PPMs) is presented. With this design the manipulator's workspace can be increased by increasing the number of cells in the manipulator. A general dynamic model is formulated for the manipulator with any number of cells. The model is adapted for SCARA and ADEPT configurations, and a new approach for balancing these type of manipulators is proposed.

(Received April 24 1999)

Key Words: Multi-Cell robots; Planar parallel manipulators; Junctions; Cells; Cross-Links.