New Testament Studies


The TLG Computer and Further Reference to Αxs03D2ΘΕΝΤΕΩ in 1 Timothy 2.12

Leland Edward Wilshire

George W. Knight III has continued the scholarly inquiry into the word αxs1F50θεντέωand its use in 1 Tim 2. 12 with his well researched 1984 NTS article ‘Αxs03D2ΘΕΝΤΕΩ in Reference to Women in 1 Timothy 2. 12’. It is a study using what scholars have used until now as their main reference tools, that is, Greek lexicons and their referenced citations. Since that time, however, there has opened up an additional tool for linguistic scholarship, the computer database. The ‘Thesaurus Linguae Graecae’ computer database project (developed and housed at the University of California – Irvine) is presently becoming available for scholarly use and it has been consulted on the strange philological development of this same Greek word αxs1F50θεντέω (with its cognates αxs1F50θέντης and αxs1F50θεντία and its solitary NT usage in 1 Tim 2. 12.