New Testament Studies

Research Article

The Vorlage of Shem-Tob's ‘Hebrew Matthew’1

William L. Petersena1

a1 The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, USA

Responding to assertions and evidence in a 1997 New Testament Studies article by R. F. Shedinger (and to George Howard, the editor of the text in question), this article demonstrates with fourteen textual examples and circumstantial evidence (Isaac Velasquez's Arabic gospel translation) that the Hebrew Matthew contained in Shem-Tob's Even Bohan (1) is part of the western harmonized gospel tradition, (2) is especially, often uniquely, related to the traditions which lie behind the Middle Dutch Liège Harmony, and (3) is translated from a medieval Latin Vorlage. In no way is it (pace Shedinger) related to S0028688500016696_inline2 45 or (pace Howard) pre-Johannine.


1 Much of this article was written while a Fellow-in-Residence 1997/98 at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies, Wassenaar, the Netherlands, the research arm of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. More generous hosts cannot be imagined, nor more pleasant surroundings.