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A Change of Name at Twenty – BIALL's Legal Foundations Course

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a1 BPP Law School

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As ever, it started with an innocent looking email. “Idea” stated the subject line, but who could be emailing ideas to me on a sunny Wednesday lunchtime in June? Jennifer Barrow, as it turned out, had not been spending her lunch in the park drinking too much Pimms, but had been browsing through Mary Blake's History of BIALL (as a good Council member does) and discovered that the Law for Librarians course (as was) had been running for 20 years. The very first course had started in the Autumn of 1984, meaning that our 2004/2005 year would be the 21st year of the course, surely reason for celebration! After much deliberating over what would be most suitable for such an esteemed and valuable part of BIALL's portfolio of courses, a special logo was created for the year's course materials, and a successful evening reunion was held in April. This took place at BPP's new law school at Waterloo and was attended by over 30 past and current law librarians, including a brave few who attended that very first year.