Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (Series 2)

Research Article

The Frattini p-subalgebra of a solvable Lie p-algebra

Mark Lincolna1 and David Towersa1

a1 Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YF, England


In this paper we continue our study of the Frattini p-subalgebra of a Lie p-algebra L. We show first that if L is solvable then its Frattini p-subalgebra is an ideal of L. We then consider Lie p-algebras L in which L2 is nilpotent and find necessary and sufficient conditions for the Frattini p-subalgebra to be trivial. From this we deduce, in particular, that in such an algebra every ideal also has trivial Frattini p-subalgebra, and if the underlying field is algebraically closed then so does every subalgebra. Finally we consider Lie p-algebras L in which the Frattini p-subalgebra of every subalgebra of L is contained in the Frattini p-subalgebra of L itself.

(Received November 16 1994)