Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society (Series 2)

Research Article

Symmetric Determinants and the Cayley and Capelli Operator

H. W. Turnbulla1

a1 The University, St Andrews.

The result obtained by Lars Gårding, who uses the Cayley operator upon a symmetric matrix, is of considerable interest. The operator Ω = |∂/∂xij|, which is obtained on replacing the n2 elements of a determinant |xij by their corresponding differential operators and forming the corresponding n-rowed determinant, is fundamental in the classical invariant theory. After the initial discovery in 1845 by Cayley further progress was made forty years later by Capelli who considered the minors and linear combinations (polarized forms) of minors of the same order belonging to the whole determinant Ω: but in all this investigation the n2 elements xij were regarded as independent variables. The apparently special case, undertaken by Gårding when xij = xji and the matrix [xij] is symmetric, is essentially a new departure: and it is significant to have learnt from Professor A. C. Aitken in March this year 1946, that he too was finding the symmetrical matrix operator [∂/∂xij] of importance and has already written on the matter.

(Received December 04 1946)

(Revised January 17 1947)