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On primitive/Seifert-fibered constructions

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J. Dean introduced the notion of primitive/Seifert-fibered knots and constructions to explain how Dehn surgeries on knots produce small Seifert fibered manifolds. We determine non-hyperbolic, primitive/Seifert-fibered knots, and show that for such knots any integral, small Seifert fibered surgery arises from a primitive/Seifert-fibered construction. We also show that any 2-orbifold $S^2(n_1, n_2, n_3)$ with a pair of indices coprime becomes the base orbifold of a Seifert fibered manifold obtained by Dehn surgery on a hyperbolic, primitive/Seifert-fibered knot in $S^3$.

(Published Online April 26 2005)
(Received September 12 2003)
(Revised January 26 2004)


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