Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

The Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Schema Questionnaire for Children (SQC)

Paul Stallard a1c1 and Helen Rayner a1
a1 Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, Bath, UK

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This study describes the development and initial evaluation of a cognitive schema questionnaire for children. The Schema Questionnaire for Children (SQC) was designed to capture the 15 early maladaptive schemas proposed by Young (1990). Face validity of the questionnaire items as assessed by a group of CBT experts (n=16) was good. Concurrent validity was assessed by asking 47 school children aged 11–16 years of age to complete both the (SQC) and a British version of the 75 item Young's Schema Questionnaire short form (YSC-S). Significant correlations were obtained for 10 of the 15 schemas, with a further two approaching statistical significance. Although some of the correlations were modest, these initial results suggest that the SQC may be a valid quick and developmentally appropriate way of assessing Young's maladaptive schema in children.

Key Words: Schema; children; assessment.

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