International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care


Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies

J. M. Grimshaw a1, R. E. Thomas a1, G. MacLennan a1, C. Fraser a1, C.R. Ramsay a1, L. Vale a1, P. Whitty a2, M. P. Eccles a2, L. Matowe a1, L. Shirran a1, M. Wensing a3, R. Dijkstra a3 and C. Donaldson a4
a1 University of Aberdeen
a2 University of Newcastle upon Tyne
a3 University of Nijmegen
a4 University of Calgary


Objectives: A systematic review of the effectiveness and costs of different guideline development, dissemination, and implementation strategies wasundertaken. The resource implications of these strategies was estimated, and a framework for deciding when it is efficient to develop and introduce clinical guidelines was developed.