New Testament Studies

Papyrus 72 and the Bodmer Miscellaneous Codex a

a1 Centre for Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University, Allhelgona Kyrkog. 8, S–223 62 Lund, Sweden

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The Bodmer miscellaneous codex contains not only P72 (Jude, 1–2 Peter), but eight other biblical and Christian writings as well. Three independent sections (I–II–III) of the codex have been identified, and a different sequence from the traditional is suggested as original. There are strong connections between sections I and III and they probably followed in sequence. The most significant connection is P72, copied by one single scribe who displays both a liturgical and a theological tendency. This scribe may have been the final collector of the codex, a miscellany of an apologetic character, bearing the marks of incipient orthodoxy.


a A portion of this article was presented to the Working with Biblical Manuscript section at the 2004 International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Groningen, the Netherlands.