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T-cell depletion and immunity to malaria in HIV-infections

G. A. BUTCHER a1c1
a1 Department of Biological Sciences, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London, London SW7 2AZ

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Although early reports on HIV and malaria in co-infected subjects indicated little apparent interaction between the two infections, more recent investigations have found evidence for HIV increasing the risk from malaria. Conversely, increased viral load in susceptible cells occurs in malaria-infected people. However, the overall pattern of results is still somewhat confusing and contradictory. While morbidity from malaria may be greater in HIV-positive patients and in several reports the mortality risk is also higher, major increases in blood-stage parasitaemias that one might expect are not generally observed. The results of surveys are summarized and discussed in the context of what is known of malaria and HIV immunology in the light of recent data from humans as well as animal models.

(Received May 9 2004)
(Revised August 3 2004)
(Accepted August 9 2004)

Key Words: malaria; human; rodent; CD4; HIV; AIDS; immunology; cytokines.

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