Applied Psycholinguistics

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Applied Psycholinguistics (1987), 8:315-327 Cambridge University Press
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Applying the Competition Model to bilingualism

Brian Macwhinneya1 c1

a1 Carnegie-Mellon University
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This special issue brings together a set of four papers devoted to the experimental study of sentence processing by bilinguals in their second language. The basic finding reported in this research is that, in many cases, learners transfer their LI sentence processing strategies onto sentence processing in L2. Moreover, the influence of this transfer can be detected in weakened form even in fluent bilinguals who have spoken L2 for many years. In effect, these studies report on a kind of comprehension analog to “foreign accent” that first came to light during work on sentence comprehension within the framework of the Competition Model of Bates and MacWhinney (1982).


c1 Brian MacWhinney, Department of Psychology, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A.