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State-of-the-Art Article

Computers and language learning: an overview

Mark Warschauera1 and Deborah Healeya2

a1 University of Hawai'i, USA

a2 Oregon State University, USA

Mark Warschauer ( is a researcher at the University of Hawai'i investigating the social, cultural, and cognitive aspects of using new technologies in language teaching. His published books include E-Mail for English Teaching, Virtual Connections, and Telecollaboration in Language Learning, and he is the editor of an online refereed international journal for second and foreign language teachers, Language Learning & Technology.

Deborah Healey ( is the Technology Coordinator for Oregon State University's English Language Institute. She is the author of Something to Do on Tuesday, co-editor with Norman Johnson of the annual TESOL CALL Interest Section Software List, editor of the refereed quarterly CÆLL (Computer-Assisted English Language Learning) Journal, and the Macintosh coordinator for the TESOL/CELIA CD-ROM of language software.