Journal of French Language Studies

French interlanguage oral corpora: recent developments

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The raw data for any second language acquisition research, namely interlanguage corpora, are one of our most expensive resources to collect. New methodologies now make it relatively easy to share this resource, by storing digitised soundfiles and transcripts on the Internet, thus making oral interlanguage corpora accessible to other L2 researchers.

The article first discusses the possibilities offered by new methodologies, in terms of data storage, management and data analysis, and it then presents current efforts to develop web-based access to French oral interlanguage corpora of learners at different levels and with different backgrounds.

Finally, the article presents a short inventory of the French interlanguage oral corpora currently available, indicating in each case the author and main outputs to date, as well as providing information about the learners, the format of the corpus (e.g. longitudinal versus cross-sectional data; transcription conventions) and its accessibility to users.

(Received December 2003)
(Revised June 2004)