Short Communication

Guaiacum coulteri: an over-logged dry forest tree of Oaxaca, Mexico

James E. Gordon a1c1, Marco Antonio González a2, Jesús Vázquez Hernández a2, Roberto Ortega Lavariega a2 and Alberto Reyes-García a3
a1 Department of Geography, University of Durham, Science Site, Durham, DH1 3LE, UK
a2 Grupo Autónomo para la Investigación Ambiental A.C., Crespo 520A, Centro, Oaxaca, CP 68000, Oaxaca, México
a3 Herbario Nacional, Instituto de Biología, Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México, C.P.04510, México D.F., Mexico

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Logging history and population structure of the dry forest tree species Guaiacum coulteri are described for Oaxaca, Mexico. We propose that the species has been adversely affected by selective logging, with large individuals now being uncommon. We argue that the species is likely to have undergone similar changes elsewhere in its range and, following IUCN guidelines, propose that it is categorized as Endangered. Maintenance of G. coulteri as an understorey shrub may be possible given current land use practices in the area but recovery of populations of large individuals may be more difficult. Suggestions for future research are made.

(Received January 5 2004)
(Revised June 7 2004)
(Accepted August 12 2004)

Key Words: Guaiacum coulteri; logging; Mexico; Red List; tropical dry forest; Zygophyllaceae.

c1 Correspondence: Department of Geography, University of Durham, Science Site, Durham, DH1 3LE, UK. E-mail jegordon_selva@hotmail.com