A simplified propulsive model of bio-mimetic robot fish and its realization

Junzhi Yu a1, Shuo Wang a1 and Min Tan a1
a1 Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing (China) 100080 (E-mail:

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This paper presents a simplified kinematics propulsive model for carangiform propulsion. The carangiform motion is modeled as a serial $N$-joint oscillating mechanism that is composed of two basic components: the streamlined fish body represented by a planar spline curve and its lunate caudal tail by an oscillating foil. The speed of fish's straight swimming is adjusted by modulating the joint's oscillatory frequency, and its orientation is tuned by different joint's deflections. The experimental results showed that the proposed simplified propulsive model could be a viable candidate for application in aquatic swimming vehicles.

(Received February 25 2004)

Key Words: Propulsive model; Robot fish; Carangiform propulsion; Body wave.