International Psychogeriatrics

IPA Expert Consensus Conference “Vascular Burden of the Brain: New Therapeutic Directions”

Small Vessel Disease: Neuropathology

David G. Munoz a1
a1 Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid, Spain

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Diseases of small cerebral blood vessels are heterogeneous in etiology and manifestations. Lipohyalinosis, venous collagenosis, amyloid angiopathy, and CADASIL affect different populations of blood vessels. Large and small hemorrhages, lacunae, cortical microinfarcts, and leukoaraiosis are the most important consequences of the small vessel angiopathies. Altered permeability as well as ischemia may be involved in the pathogenesis of the latter.

Key Words: Lipohyalinosis; CADASIL; amyloid; venous collagenosis.