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Geriatric Depression Scale as a Community Screening Instrument for Elderly Chinese Immigrants

Ada C. Mui a1
a1 Columbia University School of Social Work, New York, New York, U.S.A.

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Depression is the most prevalent mental health problem among the elderly, including Chinese-American elderly. A Chinese-language version of the popular Geriatric Depression Scale Long Form (GDS-LF) and Short Form (GDS-SF) was developed. Based on the responses of 50 elderly Chinese immigrants to the U.S. (25 women and 25 men), the GDS-LF evidenced high internal consistency but the GDS-SF did not. Factor analysis was then used to develop a new version of the GDS-SF, which was internally consistent. The revised GDS-SF is an important and easy-to-administer tool for community screening of depression among elderly Chinese immigrants.