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An Observational Study of Agitation in Agitated Nursing Home Residents

Jiska Cohen-Mansfield a1a2, Perla Werner a3 and Marcia S. Marx a3
a1 Research Institute, Hebrew Home of Greater Washington
a2 Department of Psychiatry and Center on Aging, Georgetown Medical Center
a3 Research Institute, Hebrew Home of Greater Washington

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Direct observations of 24 highly agitated, cognitively impaired nursing home residents were performed during each hour of the 24-hour day for 2–3 months. Results showed that agitated behaviors (in particular, strange noises, requests for attention, repetitious mannerisms, picking at things, strange movements, and pacing) were manifested at very high frequencies. The data also showed that daytime agitation was positively related to nighttime agitation. Patterns of agitation were specific to each resident, an important finding for future research and intervention.

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